Lostboycrow Wraps Up Tour & Shares Electropop Songasm “Free From The Start”

“Lostboycrow, you made my fallopian tubes vibrate.” – Unpaid Intern


Photo: Lostboycrow @ The Echo on June 2, 2015

Lostboycrow is your totem sign of endorphin invasion that will waltz through your earholes and stay on-repeat mode for days to come. The Los Angeles-based artist serenades you with hit-level hooky electropop tunes yet manages to infuse the aesthetics of soul and R&B that makes you remember him from the line of electronic lamestream artists. From his lyrics, you know he’s a narrative/spiritual junkie who manages to assemble buoyant dance-friendly melodies without losing the gist of storytelling. He released his EP Sigh for Me back in January of this year and has been on tour alongside Vérité since May. Our shittyphotographer unpaid intern*** managed to catch him on his last show in LA and all she has to say is “Lostboycrow, you made my fallopian tubes vibrate.” Vicariously feel the vibrations via the pics:




Acoustic time ya’ll!



Lostboycrow recently shared his collaboration with Goldhouse, “Free From The Start.” It’s a dance-friendly/gym-kicking electropop that will keep your body spinning:

He has a show date coming up:

6/5 – Bulladora Music Experience (Dallas, TX, USA)

***We currently don’t have any FUCC (Forever Unpaid College Credit) internship openings…so we recommend you to look for a paid one that actually helps you pay the bills.