Rock That Sacral Chakra With Sundara Karma’s “Loveblood”

Band on fire.

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Photo: Sundara Karma Facebook

British indie rockers, Sundara Karma, is what you’ll imagine if Cage The Elephant cross-bred with Nirvana – four dudes who keep the spirit of no-fucks-given alive by battering your ears with infectiously energizing beats that describe the pleasure and pain of life altogether. Their latest music video “Loveblood” is about carnal desires where the thundering percussions fire up as much as the ear-splitting vocals. If you are tired of sugarcoated lyrics and glossy midtempo, let “Loveblood” blast your ass out of that boring funk:

“Sundara” is the Sanskrit word for “beautiful” and the quartet lives up to their moniker with foot-stomping and adrenaline-skyrocketing ballads that makes them immediately earn karmic points in your playlist. Formed back in 2011 by Oscar Lulu (vocals & guitar), Haydn Evans (drums), Dom Cordell (bass), and Ally Baty (guitar), Sundara Karma has already accumulated a solid fanbase and press shoutouts for their zeal. They released their EP I and II back in November 2015. They have tour dates coming up:

6/18 – 110 Above Festival (Leicester, UK)

7/1 – Blissfields (Winchester, UK)

7/16 – Truck Festival (Steventon, UK)

7/23 – Tramlines Festival (Sheffield, UK)

7/30 – YNot Festival (Pikehall, UK)

7/31 – Kendal Calling (Askham, UK)

8/27 – Reading Festival (Reading, UK)

8/28 – Leeds Festival (Leeds, UK)

9/16 – Heaven (London, UK)