Vérité Dropped The Mic In LA For Her Tour’s Last Show

Pairing euphony with badassery.

Photo: Vérité live @ The Echo June 2, 2016

It’s hard to imagine that the dudette onstage shining her fierce glittering jacket and pairing her edgy badassery with dark lipstick took double shifts at Applebees and pulled twenty-hour shifts during tourist season last year. The poptress, Vérité, wrapped her tour in Los Angeles on Friday where she fueled us with her vocal prowess and bossbitch aura that took us hopscotching amid her Living (2016), Echo (2014), and Sentiment (2015). Before hitting LA, Kelsey Byrne or Vérité shared the unglamourous side of music, exposing her vulnerability (and superhuman powers) to demonstrate that whatever sparks and rad outfits you see onstage for an hour are the results of months of scraping and grinding. Play “Constant Crush,” check out our unpaidintern-quality pics, and read the essay (seriously read it):






If you live in Ohio, see her live:

6/11 – LaureLive 2016 (Cleveland, Ohio)