The Heart Breaks With The Wrong Moves In Burning Peacocks’ “Tears of Lava”

Seal your heart together with psychedelic dreampop.

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Photo: Burning Peacocks – Tears of Lava [Clip Officiel] YouTube

Parisian duo, Burning Peacocks, captures the pains of miscommunications during courtship in their semi-blasé, dreampop video “Tears of Lava.” We encounter an aberrant date where the couple pour their drinks on the floor, fail to dance with each other, and end up shedding tears of resentment. The melodic atmosphere immediately draws you into this wobbly dimension of echoing heartache and exquisite bassline that suspends you into a hazy trance of ambiguities:

Alma Jodorowsky (actress/songstress) and David Baudart (former sound engineer) started Burning Peacocks with their debut single “Games” back in 2014. “Tears of Lava” is the latest single of the duo and while they haven’t announced any tour dates yet, stay tuned by following them on Facebook and Twitter.