Take A Humanity Raincheck With Communión’s “Lejos de la Gente”

Float away into the alternative people-free world of Communión.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.47.44 PM

Photo: Communión Facebook

Once in awhile, we all get anti-social attacks; somehow, retreating into a cave in the Himalayas seems better than being surrounded by people who cannot shut their faceholes. Because you can’t afford to fly to Himalayas (and let’s face it…how long can you last without wifi?), Mexican alternative duo Communión shared their lyric video for “Lejos de la Gente” (“Far From People”). With aerated synths and syncopated thumps that suspends you in a chaotically euphonious universe, Communión captures sonically your path to daydreaming and taking refuge from external circumstances in their ballad. If you need to accelerate into Wanderland, “Lejos de la Gente” is the catalyst you need:

Formed back in 2015 by Alexa Hakim and Diego Suárez, Communión has been shaking the Spanish alternative scene for their songsmithing craftsmanship that brings a scintillating flavor to pop. They’ve been playing at festies and released four singles so far, so check them out: