It’s Game of Medieval Arsenals in Baltazar’s “Vicio”

It’s a cultwave crossover of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.10.06 AM

Photo: Baltazar – Vicio (Video Oficial) YouTube

Mexican psychedelic/cultwave trio, Baltazar, galvanizes our imagination with their smoky, dark music videos that emanates a transcendental vibe by portraying human struggles, desires, and survival instincts in fantasy scenarios. Their latest video “Vicio” (“Vice”) is like watching a more budget-tight micro version of Star Wars Meets Game of Thrones featuring the Smoking Hot Chick with pearl-shiny abs and the rest. The ballad rolls in an uptempo, with mounting drums that remind you of foot-stomps running for their lives. While it still projects a synth-aerated atmosphere, “Vicio” is a more grounded soundscape of flight-or-fight tune:

“Vicio” is from Baltazar’s EP II, which you can download it for free here. They don’t have any tour dates yet, so put them under your radar by following their Facebook and Twitter. Stream the entire EP below: