MySpace Rivalries Become The Best Allies in RAC’s Remix of A Silent Film’s “Something To Believe In”

Keep your enemies closer – you never know when you’ll collaborate with them.

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Photo: A Silent Film – Something To Believe In (RAC Mix) YouTube

Portuguese-American producer, RAC, teaches us a lesson about band rivalries in your early 20s with his current remix of A Silent Film’s “Something To Believe In.” This is another exquisite electropop that has all the RAC polishes – clear vocals and original rhythm that are covered with percussive monsoon, creating a refreshing summer-ready ballad:

RAC shared that back in the MySpace days (when he was a college lad), he used to be part of a band called The Silent Film and had a passive aggressive cyber rivalry with the British alternative duo, A Silent Film. Then, Facebook took over, RAC became…RAC, and after a gazillion Caturday posts, he finally reunited with his old college competition and produced this remix for our summer playlist. RAC has a show date coming up:

9/16-18 – Kaboo Festival (Del Mar, CA, USA)