Ditch The Club & Go Dance In The Forest With ViLLAGE’s “Hey Lover” ft. Inca

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Photo: ViLLAGE – Hey Lover feat. Inca [VIDEO] YouTube

Romanian electronic music producer, ViLLAGE, debuted his first music video “Hey Lover” featuring poptress Inca where we encounter two people dancing in slow motion in a secluded forest. The daunting trees and moody aura adds a pinch of mystery around the couple who seem to be engaging in a ritualistic dance – they seem to be almost possessed. The atmospheric assembly of club-ready thumps and crooning vocals of Inca creates its own platter of dark house flavors that range from slow, steamy moments to heart rushing verses:

ViLLAGE debuted his EP, Takeover, four years ago and has been engraving his name in the house scene. “Hey Lover” is his first project that involve vocals and although he hasn’t shared much info regarding any upcoming EP or LP, you can follow him on SoundCloud and Facebook.