Flashback Friday: Butterfly Explosion’s “Crash…See You On The Other Side”

The other side of shoegaze.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.57.41 PM

Photo: Butterfly Explosion Facebook

Once upon a time, before Aupium was conceived (basically before 2015), there was an Irish band called Butterfly Explosion who produced the most shoegazmic songs that helped you focus, chillax, or stare at the ceiling. Most of their songs use minimalist approach when it comes to vocals – whether it is in terms of lyrical duration and vocal presence, it is softened to a humming extent but still loud enough to glide into your ears. The clashing percussions and glimmering strings is what anchors the buoyant air of their melody. Hit “Crash…See You On The Other Side”:

Their debut record Lost Trails came out on March 2010 and afterwards, they toured around Europe, but haven’t been active since then.