León Larregui Wakes Up In Stop Motion & Goes Spaceship Dancing In “Tiraste A Matar”

A day in the life of Larregui.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.24.13 PM

Photo: León Larregui – Tiraste A Matar YouTube

Mexican alternative singer, León Larregui (aka Zoé’s frontman), gives us a peak into a typical day in his life in his new music video “Tiraste A Matar” (“Thrown To Kill”). Obviously, his morning routine starts in casual stop motion of floating peas, drowning with newspaper, and biking his way to the studio where he gets transported into a spaceship. “Tiraste A Matar” is a upbeat rockpop ballad that immediately fastens you to a playful, rolling rhythm. And kudos for Lman for directing and producing the video:

“Tiraste A Matar” is from Larregui’s second solo project, Voluma, which came out this year. Check out tour dates.


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