Chaos and Euphony Meet in Camden Cox’ “Focus”

We’ve got a new sonic infection in town.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.00.30 PM

Photo: Camden Cox Facebook

London-based poptress, Camden Cox, infected our system with her debut solo project “Focus” today. The ballad permeates into your veins in a syncopated motion that often times feels like slow motion disco while other times feels like an energy kick. For those late night summer parties when you experience the ambiguity of feeling drunk but can’t tell if it’s due to piña colada or majestic weather, “Focus” melodically captures that chilled-out rush state:

Working with the producer Barney B, Camden Cox went songsmithing “Focus” in his barn in the West Country (I know…we all thought it was some underground basement of an underground night club). Cox explained that “Focus is about losing track of everything because you’re so consumed by someone that they take over your mind and body.” Her previous works include “Kinda Like” and she has collaborated with other artists including Friend Within, Toy Boy and Robin, and Sam Sure. Follow the rising gal on Facebook and Twitter.