Cool Off Your Summer Playlist With Kiara Nelson’s “Cool My Rush”

Meet the Finnish-Swedish-American poptress.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.20.20 AM

Photo: Niklas Sandström Photography. Visit

Pop doesn’t need idols anymore – it needs edgy gals who can nail badassery and lacerate the conventional naiveté with their own flair. With that said, add the 18-year-old Finnish/Swedish/American/Everything poptress, Kiara Nelson, into your deck roll of nu-pop bossbitches artists. She released her debut single, “Cool My Rush,” a day ago and it’s got all the hitgasmic elements that you’ll expect from a song produced by certified platimum producer, Milo Rosas. Hit play and repeat:

Kiara Nelson has already received much shoutout from Finnish media including XleX (the Finnish equivalent of BBC). She’s currently working on new music, so follow her on Facebook and SoundCloud.