Travel Into the Darkwave Synthpop World of Ciudad de los Sauces’ Viajeros

Let’s rock in Argentina.

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Photo: Ciudad de los Sauces Facebook

Made-In-Argentina quintet, Ciudad de los Sauces, debuted their two-track EP Viajeros (Travelers) where they take us into the darkwave world of throbbing synths that breath with rock’s verve. The brief EP contains two singles, “Viajeros” and “Luz” (“Light”), two exhilarating, aerated pieces that buoy you with their mounting assembly of percussions. Hit play:

Ciudad de los Sauces was formed back in February 2015 and are currently based in La Plata, Argentina. If you happen to be in their hometown, see them live:

7/16 – Club de Cerveza (La Plata, Argentina)

You can follow them on Facebook and get the album in Bandcamp.