Dance With The Slinky Disco of Madeira’s “Manipulator”

We’ve got Madeira Madness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.30.41 AM

Photo: Garth Badger / Thievery Studios

Australian synthpop artist, Madeira, knows how to turn disappointments into knockout disco jams – her single, “Manipulator,” is a dainty dark disco (#AlliterationPointForUs) that pumps fresh oxygen into the pop territory with its tangle of exquisite dance-inducing beats and funk ambience. Hit the magic triangle:

Madeira or Kim Pflaum (in case you want to really lurk her online…btw, check out her Facebook!) used to be a former member of Yumi Zouma before deciding to go solo. “Manipulator” is from her upcoming debut EP, Bad Humors, which will be out on September 23rd of this year. For more Madeira Madness, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.