Chillax In The Noir Euphony Of Nick Leng’s “Drivers”

Melodic complexity meets black & white simplicity.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 9.59.54 PM

Photo: Nick Leng Facebook

Los Angeles-based artist, Nick Leng, crafts a soundscape where genre boundaries melt and become a collage of distinct samplers taken from alternative, pop, indie, rock, etc. His new music video “Drivers” takes us into a noir surreal landscape where we follow Leng roam through the forests and streets as he tries to reach for someone:

Often times the track makes us feel sedated and at times exhilarated – the sonic palette of Leng is one that has small pinches of emotions that transport us from one state to another, similar to the way Leng disappears in the video. The track is from Leng’s EP Drivers, which came out this year. Mostly known for his track “Crawled out of the Sea,” Leng was trained as a classical pianist for more than ten years. He’s currently in the works of building his live set, so stay tuned via his Facebook and Twitter.