Carla Morrison Explores the Joys of Eye Candy in “Azúcar Morena”

Pour some brown sugar into your morning playlist.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.52.57 AM

Photo: Carla Morrison “Azúcar Morena” (official video) YouTube

Mexican indiepop or indielegance singer, Carla Morrison, has a sweet-eye for brown sugar in her noir music video “Azúcar Morena” (“Brown Sugar”). In slow motion, the video explores the mischiefs and teases that happen when we are crushing someone – its classy innocence gets an unexpected twist in the end. Watch it to find out:

The deep hollowing vocals of Morrison along with the tense midtempo sets a steamy tone that radiates a bit of furtiveness. The song itself captures the tiptoeing moment we all experience to get a bit closer to our crushes. “Azúcar Morena” is from her latest record Amor Supremo, which came out on June 2015. Morrison has show dates coming up:

7/24 – Expo Feria Huajuapan (Huajuapan, Oaxaca, Mexico)

8/7 – Festival Internacional Chihuahua (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico)

8/8 – Festival internacional Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico)

8/19 – Semana de las Juventudes (Mexico City, Mexico)

9/7 – Nocturama (Sevilla, Spain)

9/10 – DCODE Festival (Madrid, Spain)

9/16 – North Observatory Park (San Diego, CA, USA)

9/20 – The Novo by Microsoft (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

9/29 – The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/6 – Play Station Theater (New York, NY, USA)

10/15 – Nova Sonic Festival (Quito, Ecuador)

10/22 – Festival Coordenada (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)