Bad Addictions Are The Best In Costera’s “Vuelta Atrás”

New voice in Spanish experimental synthrock.

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Photo: Costera Facebook

A new voice in the Spanish rock scene is on the rise – if you’ve been following León Larregui around, Costera may have caught your radar as the opening act. The Mexican six-piece act dropped their single “Vuelta Atrás” (“Turn Around” or “Turn Backwards”) and it’s got the industrial beats of synthrock drenched in the soundbath of aerated percussions and foot-stomping cadence. The song is about a self-saboteur type of addiction where you are addicted to a hot mess who will clearly screw up. BUT it feels soooo right at that time:

Costera is new to the scene as they just released their first single this year. The band started with Mau Garcia who has been involved with other groups including Le Baron. As of now, they’ve been opening for Larregui’s tour and hopefully will be dropping more music. Keep up with them via Facebook and Twitter.