Platonic Love Is Euphemism For Robotaki’s “Ghostboy” ft. Claire Ridgely

We all have ghostboys.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.40.47 AM

Photo: Robotaki Facebook

Admit it. There is or was someone in your life who was so close yet so far…it could’ve been the dude in the gym whom you’ve been religiously eyed his butt or the girl from your Depression in Russian Literature class (and fuck! You took that shit just cus of her). Robotaki’s “Ghost Boy” featuring Claire Ridgely captures that experience of longing for someone who will remain in the platonic cloud forever. Daydream about them and let your neurons dance in the synth-cushioned territory of “Ghostboy”:

Preston Chin is the songsculptor behind Robotaki who’s known for crafting funk and disco that include a kooky punch. You can follow him on Facebook and SoundCloud.