Snakehips’ “Cruel” ft. Zayn Puts Chinatown In Neon Spotlight

Zayns…Zayns everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.55.59 PM

Photo: Snakehips – Cruel (Official Video) ft. ZAYN YouTube

Snakehips’ video for “Cruel” ft. Zayn portrays Chinatown under neon lights in a claustrofucking dancefloor space where we see dancers and a ton of Zayn’s face while the midtempo, electro track rolls in a humdrum fashion. It reminds us of The Boxer Rebellion, but a shittier version of it…when you watch it, you’re too busy processing wtf is going on in the background and after it ends, it leaves you with the cheap aftertaste of a three-day-old Chinese takeout. What a cruel experience:

Thumbs down for this lame Zayne song.