Waltz Into The Electro Eccentric Soundscape of Jake Davis’ “Saying It Right”

This song is about connecting thoughts to words…but sounds like a party!

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Photo: Jake Davis Facebook

Los Angeles-based rising electro artist, Jake Davis, recently premiered his debut “Saying It Right” where he chants about the uncertainty that arises from expressing our thoughts – think about the convo you have with your landlord. You want to carefully tell the scumbag to not fuck up the rent in the most passive aggressive way possible. While Davis’ single thematically centers on insecurity of communication, melodically it gravitates towards the dancefloor making it a seamlessly confident summer jam to blast in rooftop party. The euphonious friction between the lyrics and tune is what makes this an eccentric sonic breed in the electro arena:

“Saying It Right” is from Davis’ upcoming debut EP, The Valley. He first gained wide attention from his cover of Hozier’s “Work Song” and has been building a strong local fanbase by performing in the Los Angeles venue The Satellite. Davis is due to play for Twilight Concert Series in Santa Monica, where artists like BØRNS performed semi-shirtless. We can’t guarantee if Davis will be shirtless.


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