Playing Hard To Get Is A Game Played Best With Hannah Jane Lewis’ “Hide And Go Seek”

Seismic electropop.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.36.46 AM

Photo: Courtesy of Charmfactory

If there is anything that you need to know about Hannah Jane Lewis is that she doesn’t like to play bullshit – both melodically and romantically. Her new single “Hide And Go Seek” is an incandescent synth-laden piece that takes you into the emotional turmoil of wanting someone who plays hard to get. Her effervescent plea to stop playing games and at the same time the guilty admittance that it’s what makes him attractive is coated with pop shimmer and throbbing percussions:

The NY/London electropoptress has already received shoutouts from online press for her work. “Hide And Go Seek” is from her EP, Hide and Go Seek, which is already out now. Hannah commented that the song “is about a guy who plays hard to get, when you aren’t interested in playing games at all.” As of now Hannah is working for her next release, which will hopefully be out before this year ends. Rest assured that it will be bullshit-free. Also, go seek her on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.