The Slang – Night and Day

EP rating: 8.7 – Dreamy rock with infectious zeal.

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Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist John Bobo and bassist John Newsome, The Slang is a Nashville-based alternative duo who started out back in 2012. They will start touring in support of their new EP Night and Day this fall.

In The Slang’s “Night and Day” music video, we see two gals drenched with sunlight that are enjoying their time in an amusement park in slow motion. They bounce around like children, completely absorbing the viewer into the momentary bliss. “Night and Day” is about a thought you can’t disabuse of – it plays on repeat mode and slow motion like their music video. “And I think about it constantly / It’s on my mind night and day,” chants vocalist John Bobo. Despite the undertone of uncertainty, the track has inviting warmth and layered with zesty strings that stirs your adrenaline.

The Slang have already engraved their signature in the rock scene, with some of their works featured in mainstream outlets and their debut record receiving shoutouts from various press. Their new EP, Night and Day, is a follow up of their debut album and it’s a strings-laden soundscape that catapults you to cathartic rock euphony to gentle wooziness. There is an infectious zeal throughout the entire EP that you immediately contract within a few seconds of their leadoff, “Ballad Of Everything.” The multi-voiced chorus “Somewhere it begins / The ballad of everything that ends” is anchored with gliding violin, that makes you reflect about beginnings and endings.

While you can feel the rock zeal, there is a soothing tone throughout the entire five tracks that makes Night and Day a more digestible work for non-rock listeners. The switch in The Slang’s sound style resonates the changes that they’ve gone through as a band – the once trio became a duo and left the chaotic New York scene in favor of the more peaceful Nashville setting. Their track “Breakthrough” reflects the balance between harmony and intensity the most. It is the showstopper of EP, starting off with piano taps that is framed with strumming percussions. “I’d like to help you / But I don’t even know where to start / Why don’t we breakthrough?” are the opening lines of the track, that touches upon the daily dilemmas we face. The answer or “breakthrough” The Slang wants us to know takes many trial-and-error and leaps of faith.

Every track emits a different mood, but there is one instance where the melody falls a bit to the motoric side. “Miracle Sound” feels repetitive compared to other tracks, but the EP quickly picks up again with the following song, “Night & Day.”

The Slang wraps up their EP with the mellow “Remember To Forget” where the violin chords take the rhythmic and emotive engine spotlight, making it a soft and chest-swelling exit. Even when The Slang is rocking at a steadier tempo, the duo manages to fuel us with verve that is filled with balanced sweetness.

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