Electro Songstress/Burrito Advocate Joy. Injects Us With Sultry Vocals In “Like Home”

Warm as your home…or even better, burrito.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.10.05 AM

Photo: JOY. – Like Home YouTube

If there is something that Aussie electropoptress, Joy., was meant to carry were two things: burrito and microphone. The self-acclaimed burrito advocate knows how to captivate your ears with her steamy, softened high-pitch that immediately invites you to take sonic shelter into her soundscape. Her latest video, “Like Home,” is a smoky single where we see her walking solo at night and getting dragged on the floor. Hit play:

Olivia McCarthy is the 18-year-old producer/singer behind Joy., who debuted her first single “Captured” that accumulated various plays from radios as well as press. As of now Joy. seems to be currently working on new music, so follow her on Facebook and Twitter.