He Is Me’s “Let It Drip” Is The Mantric Rock For Your Existential Needs

Track rating: 7.4 – Ominous aesthetics.

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Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

There is dooming comfort in the bold and musing soundscape of He Is Me’s “Let It Drip.” The track itself feels like an intersection of mantric chants, experimental beats, and rock music, evoking a visceral sense of omen. From the womping thumps arranged with deliberate intensity, “Let It Drip” offers a dynamic meditative space that reach starry heights despite the muted interludes. The mixture of synths and acoustic instruments is what makes the track an earthquaking contemplative melody that compartmentalizes you into a trance of thought flow. Stream it below:

Around 2:20, the wavey background reminds you of those meditation tunes meant to take you into a blank, peaceful state. In a way, the ballad feels like a guided meditation with the repeated chants encouraging, “Let the skin drip / Let the walls break / Minds slip into new state.” He Is Me extends this zen moment further by accentuating in their chorus “Waiting for the suuuun,” reminding you of the om mantra. While the track is not everyone’s cup of tea, for meditators and experimental rock enthusiasts, the song resonates the internal struggle we march into everyday in controlling our minds.

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Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

He Is Me is comprised of the duo Steve Moore and Casey Braunger. Steve Moore is known for being the vocalist for The Unravelling, Post Death Soundtrack, and founding the hardcore metal group Inner Surge. Casey Brauger is known for his solo project Textile Arcase. You can follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud.