Cruise Into The Sea Of Hip Folk With Krusoe’s “SOS”

Cruising through the past & future.

krusoe 2016 small

Photo: Courtesy of Charmfactory

Nomadic UK artist, Krusoe, debuted his first eccentric banger “SOS,” euphonious rustling of synths and keyboard drops streaming along the smoky vocals of Krusoe. It has an infectious pulse that rush into your system, whooshing you with nostalgic chills and infinite thoughts of what is yet to come. Just kruise through it:

Krusoe is a seasoned nomad – he grew up in UK then moved to Paris, Berlin, Belgrade, and now resides in Oxford where he is preparing to roll out his forthcoming EP, Give Up The Coast, which is loosely based on Odysseus journey. “SOS” is the last track of the EP and it is about letting go. “Two ships, once sailing in the same direction, now headed in different directions – it’s meant to be a fond farewell!” stated Krusoe. You can follow Krusoe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.