Aupium’s Year In Review

We learned many things…including the power of pizza for post-show hangovers.


Photo: Belongs to us 😀 Don’t u dare copy it! D:<

A year ago from today, we gave birth to this post and since then we’ve been dumping delivering all the good shenanigans going on in the music world…like how RAC’s side gig is a Catstagrammer or the oddest shitty job that some artists had to take. It’s still 2016, but fuck it. It’s a new year in Aupiumland, so let’s see the best/bizarre things we’ve dosed this past year:

According to our iPhone photographer, the best shows we’ve seen were computer-free.

We get it. Laptops can help the performance sound closer to the recorded song and saves a lot of stress for artists BUT some of the best performances we’ve seen this past year involved brave troupers ready to leave their Macs behind and give a fresh air into their music. Seoul blew their crowd away by transforming dreampop into a rock show.


Photo: Seoul live @ The Echo

Among all the great interviews, Lydmor & Bon Homme’s combustive dynamic gave us a brighter look into the creative chemistry of two outré musicians.

Despite our equipment’s peasant budget, we snapped this photo with iPhone 5S:


Photo: Carah Faye live at The Trobadour

FUCK YEAH! (This is not an ad, but hey Apple we’ll gladly take any money and freebies!)

The number of Bieber mashups around the web is mindfreaking.

Finding artists from different cultures using the same themes for their songs (but with different interpretations) and comparing them always give us a profound insight into whatever theme they’re covering…musicians are rare breeds of walking existential crisis.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 5.42.01 PM

Photo: Photo: Bastille Facebook (left). Right one belongs to us.

Steve Angello’s “Remember” is our pick for the best song to un-shitty anything.

Life can be tough…there’s always that douchebag blocking your view during concerts or the PDA couple mating right beside you. Our prescription to alleviate whatever random oh-fuck situations the universe throws at you is Steve Angello’s “Remember.” Just remember that you had a dream…

If you can’t remember, then think about the pizza you’ll be having after the show:


YES, we just threw you a pizza picture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Photo: Skylar Spence live @ The Echo

One. Year. Dooooowwwnnn.