Satellite Mode Explores The Layers of Deception In “Surface”

Hefty emotions embedded in infectious beats.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 4.21.08 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Satellite Mode. YES, that’s a watermelon…iPhones are overrated.

NY duo, Satellite Mode, explores the frustrations we experience as we try to dig through the layers of deception in their new single “Surface.” While the theme is heart-wrenchingly complex, the marching percussions and the piercingly soothing vocals of Jess adds a light glaze on “Surface” (pun intended). Hit play:

Satellite Mode is comprised of vocalist Jessica Carvo and producer Alex Marko who can be found on Facebook and Instagram. When they are not making music, they are making food art:

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Photo: Satellite Mode Instagram. Follow them @satellite.mode