Siddhartha’s “El Chico” Is Your Auditory Flight Ticket To Blisswave

Classic and timeless soundscape of crisp string strums.

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Photo: Siddhartha Instagram. Follow the boy’s journey @iamsiddhartha

Mexican indie artist, Siddhartha, shared the second single of his upcoming record Únicos (Only Ones) titled “El Chico” (“The Boy”) – which we are 90% sure is about his time songsculpting by the beach. The ballad takes us into a boy’s journey to the ocean where he can finally listen to music in solitude. Coated with a buoyant wash of textural strings, “El Chico” marks a minimal yet significant aesthetic metamorphosis in Siddhartha’s style. There is the familiar underlying tranquility threaded throughout the soundscape along with his crispy vocals that takes us into a timeless blisswave – something that Siddhartha has perfected in crafting over the years. But what makes “El Chico” different from his signature style is the end – it places greater emphasis on string strums and twinkling percussions, taking off the lyrics completely. It is almost as if Siddhartha preserved the ending for a shoegazey space for mental flight. Press play and meditate:

Siddhartha’s been documenting his beachcations for songsmithing in his Instagram, hence, it’s no surprise that a track like this was born.

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Photo: Siddhartha Instagram. You can stalk him @iamsiddhartha

Únicos will be released on September 23, so for now…keep calm and go see him live:

Latin America 2016 tour

9/4 – Multiforo (Zacatecas, ZAC, Mexico)

10/8 – Liverpub (Tlaxcala, TLA, Mexico)

10/27 – TBA (Bogotá, Colombia)

10/29 – TBA (Lima, Peru)

11/4 – La Trastienda (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

11/6 – Plaza Condesa (Mexico City, Mexico)

11/10 – La Glotoneria (Querétaro, QRO, Mexico)

11/11 – Multiforo M (Morelia, MICH, Mexico)

11/12 – Grítalo Fest (Acapulco, GRO, Mexico)

11/16 – TBA (Quito, Ecuador)

11/17 – Café Democrático (Cuenca, Ecuador)

11/18 – Paradox (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

11/19 – TBA (San Jose, Costa Rica)

12/2 – Café Iguana (Monterrey, NL, Mexico)

12/8 – Sala Forum (Cholula, PUE, Mexico)

12/15 – Teatro Diana (Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico)

North America 2016 tour

9/22 – House of Blues (Dallas, TX, USA)

9/23 – Evolution (San Jose, CA, USA)

9/24 – La Tocada Fest (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

9/28 – The Union (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

9/29 – Joe’s Bar (Chicago, IL, USA)

9/30 – Fineline Music (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

10/1 – House of Blues (San Antonio, TX, USA)

10/2 – House of Blues (Houston, TX, USA)