Electropical Meets Ethereal Bliss In Hounded’s “Feel So Right” ft. Bamiyah

Party in the jungle.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie electronic producer, Hounded, takes us into a private jungle party in his single “Feel So Right” featuring the wispy vocals of Bamiyah. The syncopated thumps in the electropical soundscape make it the perfect banger to dose until the last minute of summer. A little tropical infusion into our playlist is all we need to make everything right and welcome chillvana:

Regarding the track, Bamiyah shared that it is about the “idea of believing that you are right for someone, and can make them happy even if they do not see it.” Just like Hounded made us happy by gifting this songasm but can’t see us. Hence, we’ll leave a smaile emoji 😀

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