Win The Internal Existential Battle With argonaut&wasp’s “Loser Like You”

Winners don’t feel the need to capitalize their monikers.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds. argonaut&wasp are masters at wearing blazers as funky as their sounds.

Brooklyn indie duo, argonaut&wasp, shared an appetizer “Loser Like You” from their upcoming debut EP Ha! Fiction and it’s everything that you need to cool off all the existential burning remarks you’ve made internally. We all know that as humans one of the first mental song we play in the morning is “Daily Existential Crisis” – replace that shitty track with the chilled out disco track “Loser Like You.” The mind-massaging beats will immediately snap you out of the funk and jettison you to the dancefloor:

Referring to the existential attacks as the “bully” and the mind as “underdog,” argonaut&wasp shared that “Ultimately the underdog prevails. With confidence he releases his anger and frustration, and he is then free, no longer held back by the words of this bull, but instead he plays along with his guitar, dancing through his grasp and realizing that these words are only representational of the bully, for he is the true loser, the unhappy one in this tale.”

Ha! Fiction will be released on October 19 and you can follow the duo on Facebook and Twitter.