Disco Your Way Back To Love With Jason Gaffner’s “Feel Something”

Time to have feelings again.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Have you ever had your heart slowly ripped apart and deep fried into the leftover grease of shittiness? If you haven’t, a) fuck you and b) you’ll still love Jason Gaffner’s new single “Feel Something” where the Los Angelano disco/funk groove master takes us into the syncopated dimension. Gaffner ping-pongs our eardrums through the bouncing beats that insert us with a rejuvenating, playful vibe. Hit play:

“Basically this song is about a person who has been hurt emotionally and has put up barriers all around them. Then a person comes along and helps them feel something again. It’s not an easy journey but there is something beautiful about learning to love again.” explained Gaffner. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.