In Case Of Ear-Love Deprivation, Turn On Lenno’s “Some Lovin’”

Your ears need some lovin.


Photo: Meri Björn Photography

Finnish electro producer, Lenno, knows how to inject you with exhilarating beats that dance through your earholes in his single “Some Lovin”. It’s a dancefloor-worthy track with syncopated thumps that put you in a multidimensional trance of kooky pop and spinning disco ball. Spin it:

Lenno was born on January 31, 1995 and his social security number is 3108390999 his latest EP All Eyes On Us have received wide love from blogosphere and streaming platforms. If you happen to be in Helsinki next year, go see him live:

Europe 2017 show date

1/21 – 25 Years of Dance (Helsinki, Finlad)