Keljet’s “Love At First Sight” ft. Pretty Sister Will Make You Dance At First Play

First time you’re in love, second time you’re on-repeat.


Photo: Keljet Facebook

Nu-disco duo from Netherlands, Keljet, frames the starry-eyed moment of finding love at first sight with synthetic weaves of 80s disco and du jour synthpop in their new music video “Love At First Sight” ft. Pretty Sister. The video follows a redhead’s night out and is a lighthearted, live-in-the-moment intimate encounter with someone at the bar counter. The feeling of weightlessness yet the striking beats is what makes “Love At First Sight” an immediate party inducer:

Keljet started out putting various remixes in streaming platforms, garnering fans around the world. Their debut EP, Transatlantic, was released last year and the duo have been performing across Netherlands and US, spreading their nu-disco signature. As of now, Keljet does not have any upcoming gigs, but make sure you keep the two under the radar.