Your Neurons Can Now Reach Chillvana With Captions’ New Record, Iterations

Working on your karma is hard…so Captions decided to pave a shortcut for you.


Photo: Captions’ Iterations album cover

If you want the drive-thru method to reach chillvana, Captions is the dreampop band you need to blast. This Californian quartet just dropped their debut full-length album, Iterations, yesterday and it’s an ethereal fest of mid-tempo glimmering chords and slow-burning emotions that feels like a bittersweet meditation. There are fluttering instances embedded within the shoegaze that gives you moments of catharsis. Hit the play button:

Captions is made up of John Figueroa, Joshua Zacarias, Marcus Paquini, and Adam Gangi, in case you want to stalk them individually. But for now, start off by following the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.