Add Theatrical Pop/Soul Flair To Your Mood With Joy Crookes’ “Sinatra”

If only your life was under this lightning all day…


Photo: Joy Crookes – Sinatra (Official Music Video)

London poptress, Joy Crookes, perfects the art of ethereal lightning in her video “Sinatra” where her steamy vocals injects us with slinky exquisiteness that seems altogether haunting and yet soothing. She filmed the video along with her boyfriend, creating a chill aura by mastering the art of lightning:

Yes…the 17-year-old songstress just soundtracked your next adult wine party with “Sinatra.” The track is the follow-up of “New Manhattan”, which has garnered much shoutouts from press for blending soul with dark pop. Joy is currently working on her debut album, so keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram.