Cool Off Your Ears With The Electropical Hip Hop Infusion of TOBY’s Tax Free

Future-beat electronica with all the mind-cooling infusions you need.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

London producer, TOBY, knows how to create a future-beat electronica ecosystem of hip hop, electropical cadence, and dash of pop in his debut EP, Tax Free. The four-track work packs an exquisiteness of eccentric cadence and mind-bolting tunic hoops that throws you into a beach party to a nightclub instantly. Stream below:

“My main aim for this release was to keep my music fun & upbeat, and I also really wanted to protay all the different sytles & genres in my sound – and I think I’ve accomplished all of these things quite well” like a boss (we may add). Connect with Toby on Facebook and Twitter.