Aging Exponentially Correlates With Dating In Hey Violet’s “Guys My Age”

Trust us…it doesn’t get better.


Photo: Hey Violet – Guys My Age (Audio Only)

Apparently, Hey Violet’s “Guys My Age” advocates that aging=better at dating. Listen kids, we’re warning you beforehand getting older does not magically make you a better boyfriend or lover…YOU are the one who accepts the hopelessness of the situation and just move on with what you have.

With that said, the LA quartet has recently shared their new single “Guys My Age.” It’s about how dudes of your age just doesn’t get it and the older ones do…sooooo stream it below, cus the stomping cadence and marching synth beats will keep your head nodding throughout the steamy coming-of-age-but-not-really melody:

They have show dates coming up:

10/4-5 – Hordern Pavilion (Sydney, Australia)

10/6 – The Lair – Metro Theater (Sydney, Australia)