Dama Scout’s “Forget It’s Good” Is The Breezy, Exploratory Folk Rock For Retrospection

Garage rock infused with retrospective tunic intonations.


Photo: Courtesy of Dama Scout

UK alternative trio, Dama Scout, weaves a sound of fuzzy softness raveling with glimmering guitar lines that gives us a soft kick of rock with intriguing eccentricities. Their debut single “Forget It’s Good” navigates through memories and at the same time abandons them, resonating the ambivalence we all live in dealing with past and present. The music video is a collection of home video clips of the band that takes us back to pre-screen days:

“Forget It’s Good” was mostly produced in a bedroom…meaning that while you were munching Cheetos and Netflixing on your bed, Dama Scout was crafting this masterpiece. If it makes you feel better, they may or may not have been in their PJs too, but who knows…follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.