Outsource Your Endorphins To MissDefiant’s “Calculator”

Add the party, subtract the boredom.


Photo: Courtesy of MissDefiant

London-based duo, MissDefiant, absorbs us into the sea of dancing endorphins again with their new single “Calculator” where the electropop gals use a retro tool to define modern relationship. It is another reinvigorating party track that feels like a sound bath of hyped synths and bombastic moments that catapults you to the dancefloor. Watch how the gals rock the edgy look at church, hip look in the forest, and…business casual somewhere in between:

MissDefiant are fresh from playing with LMFAO’s Redfoo at Koko in Camden and will be debuting their album later in 2016. Make sure you keep up with the gals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.