When Anxiety Bites You, Bite It Back With Tülpa’s “Gnats” ft. BLANKTS

No need for band-aids…get an ear-aid made from Tülpaland.


Photo: @jessedeflorio

Ukranian (now LA based) producer, Tülpa, melodifies the inner youth blues of his generation in his single “Gnats” featuring the smoky, softened voice of BLANKTS. It is a downtempo, electro-tingling track that throbs like a heart on the verge of sanity – the pulse still feel normal, but there is a sense of dooming blues in the lyrics that denote otherwise. Stream below:

Ivan Zhyzhkevych is the mastermind behind Tülpa whose other interests include tea. He has released three new singles so far including “Tea For Two,” “Pretty Things,” and “Lemon.” Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.