Ditch The Modern Generation & Party With The 80s Like Ralph Did In “Something More”

Party like it’s your retirement.


Photo: Ralph – Something More YouTube

Toronto-based songstress, Ralph, takes a sophisticated-er and older approach to partying in her new video “Something More” where we see her having a blast with seniors. The color-dazzling aesthetics and pastry porn give an outré glamour touch to this otherwise bizarre scenario that looks like a millennial crashed into a retirement party. Hit the play:

Ralph described Aziz Ansari’s show Master of None as the inspiration behind “Something More,” which chants about the modern epidemic thought of believing that there’s something more and better out there. “Consumed with social media and dating apps, we’re obsessed with the idea of something more or someone better, often leading us to sabotage the good things we have,” described Ralph. As of now, Ralph hasn’t announced any album or tour dates, but expect to hear something more (total pun intended) from her this year.