Eric Sharp’s “The Thirst” ft. Zhao Is The Rhythmic House Rain You Need

This is a song about love…and beautiful people.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Los Angeles-based house producer, Eric Sharp, unveiled his recent project with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Zhao titled “The Thirst” and it’s exactly what you would blast on your way to the bar, at the bar, and whatever drunk eating/mating/hot messaery post-bar endeavors you may undertake. The classic thumping pulse of house is there, but Sharp polishes his own edge to it by throwing in a bustle of bouncy beats that match Zhao’s smoothly desperate vocals longing for beyond casual love:

“I think this track is inspired by the fact that we both live in LA where you can’t go anywhere without seeing obnoxiously attractive people. Sometimes that energy just boils over and needs to be expressed,” shared Sharp. In case you didn’t know, Eric Sharp is a master of crafting electro banger that is seasoned with class (listen to “A Little More”). You can follow him on Facebook, and Twitter…do it. Cus his mustache is an objet d’art.

Zhao is a classically trained up-and-coming producer who is now producing genre-orgy electronic music. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.