CHANCVN Takes Us Into A Slow, R&B/Pop Waltz In “High Life

Tough love.


Photo: Courtesy of VÅRØ Records

Swedish trio, CHANCVN, unveiled their second single, “High Life,” from their upcoming self-titled EP today. The track feels like a slow-motioned waltz into a contemplative, ambient pop that has sparks of R&B, which deliberately builds up to a heart-swelling sonicsphere. With a semi-minimalistic, slurry opening, “High Life” takes you on a glidepath of self-reflection and staying aligned with what matters to you the most. The glimmering chords and drum taps are clipped in the skeleton of dreampop permeating glints of R&B. Hit the play:

“I listened a lot to Tame Impala, Kurt Vile and Rihanna when writing it – heartbroken and in owe of an explanation. I think I might have stolen the phrase ‘dust rain from our walls’ from some beat poem I found in moms bookshelves as a teen. It stuck with me as a both melancholic and frightening picture of tough love,” shared CHANCVN. After debuting their single “Heart Out” in spring of this year, CHANCVN has been working on launching their EP, which will be out on October 28.