Charge Your Ears With Jason Gaffner’s “Murder In The First Degree”

Time to kill it in the dancefloor.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

LA-based electronic artist, Jason Gaffner, is unapologetically guilty of plugging our ears with his newest playful single, “Murder In The First Degree.” It is the perfect disco to funk the hell out and flush out the butt-asphyxiating seriousness from your system to hit the dancefloor like there’s no tomorrow…or weekday. Stream below:

“The song is really all about fun. Not to be taken too seriously – it’s like if an outdoor dance party and tongue in cheek crime noir had a delightful baby” commented Jason Gaffner. Because Jason Gaffner loves you, you can also find his predecessor single “Feel Something” and download it gratis on his SoundCloud. Send your thank you kiss to the electro artist with follows on Facebook and Twitter.