Au/Ra’s “Concrete Jungle” Frames The Systematic Chaos Of Urban Life In Glistering Pop

Beware of scorpions, cracks, and Amazon.


Photo: Courtesy of Charmfactory

Ibiza-born, Antigua-raised Au/Ra (best ice breaker ever) has already set the bar high by not only adding a cool “/” in her moniker, but also prescribing us with the addictive “Concrete Jungle.” It’s a glistering pop track with deliberately minimalistic rhythm slashed with jungle noises that immediately allures you to hop into Au/Ra’s outré sonic ecoystem. Her vocals take you on a surreal journey through modern chaos of urban life and breakneck speed of technology:

“Cracks in the pavement, scorpions, abandoned retail emporiums. / Amazon Prime, the new world power,” chants Au/Ra. The songstress grew up from an island and her trips to large cities were the inspiration behind the chaotic theme of the song. Before ADD takes over and you get lost in the cyberjungle, follow Au/Ra on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.