Boy Meets Girl In The Dreamy Aussie House Of POOLCLVB’s “Always”

Your new favorite Aussie clvb.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Burn up the motoric house playlist and replace it with the dreamy trance of up-and-coming Aussie producer, POOLCLVB, whose debut single “Always” will transport your dancing to the love-bliss moment of boy-meets-girl. The kooky xylophone taps and fuzzed out choruses embedded in the buoyant, wavy melody resonates the wishful daydream that we throw ourselves into from thinking about an individual. Eardive into POOLCLVB’s “Always”:

“Always” is from POOLCLVB’s forthcoming debut EP, You + Me. Porsches’ Carl Fox lent his vocals to “Always” and the track was written and recorded in one day. “Sometimes guys don’t express their feelings as much as girls, we wanted this track to do just that. If you find it hard to say I love you, let this track speak for you” shared POOLCLVB. Annnd, if you find it hard to say I love you to POOLCLVB, let your like on his Facebook and Twitter speak for you.