Let Satellite Mode’s Fruitplosive Video “Surface” Destroy Your Frustrations

Fruit therapy.


Photo: Satellite Mode – Surface YouTube

NY-based indie pop duo, Satellite Mode, debuted their first music video “Surface” where we watch Alex and Jess go on fruit frenzy in a farm. The video has a vintage touch to it and almost a surreal twist – we see the pair in coveralls peacefully arranging fruits only to slaughter à-la-Fruit-Ninja. Watch below:

“Surface” pours out the frustrations one experiences in a relationship and Satellite Mode translates that anger into fruitplosions with their sparkling track While “Surface” does not deny the stingy reality of an imperfect relationship, it has a therapeutic bouncy effect with its deliberately, simple tune and lush vocals. For more fruit adventures and music, follow Satellite Mode on Facebook and Instagram.