Seaside Melancholia Gets Lush Synthwave Lift In Krusoe’s “Give Up The Coast”

Bittersweet heartbreak by the sea.


Photo: Courtesy of Charmfactory

Oxford-based electronic producer, Krusoe, gifted us with his new single “Give Up The Coast” from his upcoming EP with the same name. Piled on exquisite layers of synths, the underlying moodiness evokes a sense of bittersweet sunset where the daytime party is over and it’s time to head back to reality. The track almost feels like a heartbreak hangover where you are still attached to past memories, but aware that you have to move on. Krusoe sonically sends this message by adjusting your mood before your realize it – he tempers the flood of adrenaline with laid-back reflective moments of reality:

Starting with glimmering chords, “Give Up The Coast” starts as a slow dance with your past that soon unmasks the toxic obsession to hold on to it. “I’m not giving up the coast, I’m not giving up the coast, I’m still living in a ghost town,” chants Krusoe. The reinvigorating tambourine taps and handclaps frames the moodiness with a rare buoyant flavor that keeps you playing back for more. “‘Give Up The Coast’ was essentially about being stuck in your old ways and the overpowering intoxicating impact of memories and lovers in old haunts in my hometown. The things that keep drawing you back – perhaps a sense of denial that things are as rose tinted as they appear looking back.”

Krusoe will be debuting his EP on October 28 and has a gig coming up:

11/6 – Notting Hill Arts Club (Lonndon, UK)

Whether you can go see him or not, you can always follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.