Take A Flight Into Soul Heaven With Matt Woods’ Fluttering Vocals Of “Nothing Less”

Crispy vocal rush with dark-tinted R&B/soul.


Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

There is something restorative in the melodic territory of Matt Woods – the British artist stands between the tipping point of moody, heart-wrenching R&B and spasmic electropop that reminds you of a slightly darker version of Sam Smith. His latest single “Nothing Less” sends you shivering spasms of synths and exhilaratingly smooth vocals that immediately gives you an ear massage:

“This is probably both the saddest and most upbeat song I have put out so far…I love the idea of people getting some joy out of what is really a heart breaking sentiment,” declared Woods. The up-and-coming singer has already hit Spotify’s Global Viral Chart earlier this year with his single “Ain’t No Use.” For human photos of him, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.