Indulge In The Indie Folk Dreamscape Of Blue Coat Venture’s “You Are The Spring”

Peace in the form of retro tune.


Cover by Andreas Poppelier

In a classy, chord-driven soundscape of folk breeze and indie pop backbone, Blue Coat Venture’s “You Are The Spring” takes us into a dreamscape of glimmering strings and ear-cushioning croons that puts us into chillaxing peace. Swedish music collective, Blue Coat Venture, recently shared their latest EP When Love Dies this week, which showcased their knack for arranging folk and pop ingredients together:

Stream the EP below.

Blue Coat Venture is led by singer/songwriter Gustav Löfstrand (who is also involved with Tiny Union) and started out as his acoustic solo project, which grew over time. The EP was co-produced together with the artist/producer Christoffer Gustafsson. BVC is currently working on a new record and will be releasing singles in the upcoming winter, so stay tuned.